Delcam CNC Control Software Products

Delcam FeatureCAM: Easy-to-use CAM software for milling machines, turning and turn/mill centres, and wire EDMs. you want a CAM system that:
FeatureRECOGNITION is a powerful way to simplify and accelerate programming. By programming parts based on features in the CAD model, FeatureCAM streamlines machining and makes it easier to create and edit parts. FeatureCAM provides manual, interactive and fully automatic feature recognition (AFR). AFR identifies all 2D, 3D, Turn, Turn/Mill and Wire EDM features, including features that overlap or intersect. Features are fully associative with the CAD model so that design revisions are re-machined automatically.

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2.5D Machining
FeatureMILL2.5D enables you to machine holes, pockets, grooves, bosses and threads quickly and easily.

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3D Machining
FeatureMILL3D offers a wide range of strategies for both conventional and high-speed 3D milling.

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FeatureTURN provides quick and easy programming of all types of turned parts.

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5-axis Machining
FeatureCAM supports both 5-axis positional and simultaneous machining, including 5-axis drilling, trimming and swarf machining.

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