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For 25 years, the ProtoTRAK has been the CNC that is focused exclusively on the needs of people who work in small lot quantities. The ProtoTRAK CNC control is the easiest and most user friendly control available today. In just a few hours instruction, you will be able to use the control in manual mode, 2 Axis CNC, or 3 Axis CNC.

The ProtoTRAK CNC is advanced, but easy. Those new to CNC can be comfortably making parts the first day and those with years of experience will save time with the powerful software features that help get the job done quicker.

At Rosco Precision Machinery, we know your application and we know ProtoTRAK CNC. That's why you can count on us to provide a cost-effective solution for all you machining needs. Contact Rosco Today for Your Free Consultation or Call 253-333-2439.

Powerful Capability

Auto Geometry Engine The Auto Geometry Engine (A.G.E.) is powerful software that automatically fills in missing print dimensions as you program. It is CAD capability embedded into CNC programming. With A.G.E. you can make easy work out of programming incomplete prints or part sketches. The A.G.E. doesn't take more time to use, it works automatically as you program.

Tool Path Graphics The ProtoTRAK relieves you from the chore of programming the tool path, but you will still be interested in seeing where the control is planning to move the tool. Colors, error messages and selectable views make it easy to check your program before you machine.

Profiles and Pockets Programming pockets and profiles of all shapes is a breeze with powerful canned cycles.

DXF or DWG file Converter Import CAD data and create ProtoTRAK programs Parasolid Converter Import 3D CAD files and create ProtoTRAK programs Offline Software Allows you to create ProtoTrak programs from your desktop.

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