Rosco Precision Machinery Equipment Financing

Rosco Precision Machinery works with industry leading finance companies and professionals that can answer your finance and lease questions and provide a competitive loan package. Please feel free to contact us for more informaiton.

Costs and Productivity
New Equipment and Technology will improve your efficiency and lower your costs.

Notice that in the costs of running your shop, the equipment slice of the pie is tiny compared to the labor and overhead. Adding a new machine tool to your company will only make the equipment slice about one half of the overhead slice.

For information on how to calculate the costs for your shop please call us at 253-333-2439 for a self assesment guide.

Equipment Financing

Leasing Versus Buying – Which Is Better?

In either method, you the business owner acquire the equipment you need to operate and grow your business.

Leasing equipment can be an excellent option for many business owners who might have limited capital resources or have the need for equipment which is subject to significant wear and tear. Businesses that need equipment which have a long usable life, may consider purchasing.

There are a number of significant advantages to equipment leasing:

Technology advancements: with technology rapidly improving in all areas of equipment leasing and due to the fact that you can upgrade the equipment to a more advanced model at the end of the lease term, most businesses today are choosing leasing instead of outright purchasing equipment.

Lower interest rates: If you need to take out a loan on the purchase of equipment, you will typically pay a far higher interest rate than you would if you financed that same equipment through a lease.

No down payment: Most equipment leases don't require a down payment, which allows you to preserve your capital for other things. Factoring in that a business can acquire the assets it needs to run and grow its business with very little initial cash outlay, business equipment leasing has become a favorite of most small, medium and large-sized companies. If you buy your equipment, many banks require a very large down payment, in excess of 20% of the value of the equipment. Most businesses can ill afford this type of cash outlay.

Significant tax advantages: There are many tax advantages to leasing as well. Your lease payments are a business deduction on your tax return, which allows you to lower the real cost of the lease itself.

Very flexible lease terms: Equipment leases have extremely flexible terms to allow you to tailor the lease terms based upon your cash flow, business needs and individual situation.

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