Turning Machines

Toolroom Lathes



The look and feel of a manual lathe, but with the ProtoTRAK ELX control. CNC efficiency for one-offs or repetitive work.


A great combination of low price and advanced capability. Manual and CNC with the Amazing ProtoTRAK RLX CNC.


Power and performance with High and Low gear and generous capacity.


Large, rigid, and versatile with the ProtoTRAK RLX CNC. Options include turret or indexer.

TRAK 30120RX

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TRAK’s largest lathe has the power and huge capacity to handle big jobs. The 30120 features a 30 HP spindle motor, 33″ swing, 118″ between centers and a 43.5″ swing over a 15.5″ gap.

HURCO Toolroom Lathes

Hurco offers 3 different sizes of toolroom lathes. These box way, gap bed lathes are user friendly and easy to load/unload bulky parts. The WinMax control that slides along a rail on the front of the machine allows for operator accessibility of control. The solid box way bed construction on the HTL series makes it a perfect fit for a wide range of applications.

2 Axis Turning Centers


General purpose 45 degree slant bed turning. Compact footprint, large work cube, chip management system, powerful spindle and affordable price tag make small-batch manufacturing profitable.


The TMX series of CNC Lathes are true slant-bed lathes with all-digital drives and motors with absolute encoders on all linear axes. Increased travels, more horsepower and torque, increased rigidity, faster rapids, faster acceleration/deceleration rates, and a programmable tailstock.

TRAK T22 Lathe

TRAK TC2 Turning Center

TRAK TC2 Turning Center featuring the ProtoTRAK RLX CNC
Rigid construction and generous capacities make this slant bed lathe ideal for smaller turned parts in lower volume production.

  • Conversational Programming – Easy Setup of Simple Jobs
  • G-Code Compatible – For Easy Upload
  • Hydraulic System Integrated into Machine Body

Boxway Lathes

Takumi SL Series

Box Way SL Series Turning Centers are designed for heavy and interrupted cutting with superior part finishes.

Multi Axis Turning Centers


General Purpose Mill Turn CNC Lathes. The TMM turning centers are true slant-bed lathes equipped with live tooling and a programmable C-axis. The TMM live tooling lathes are the perfect way to make small to medium lot sizes that require turning and secondary milling/drilling operations profitable. Save time with one setup and you won’t lose accuracy due to re-fixturing.


The TMXMY/S mill turn CNC lathes are true slant-bed lathes with all-digital drives and motors and absolute encoders on all linear axes. The addition of the Y-axis allows you to machine a pocket with straight walls and flat bottoms or perform off-center machining operations with just a click of a box.

Manual Lathes

SHARP Lathes

Sharp Industries, Inc., has been supplying quality machine tools for over 35 years. Sharp’s product line of lathes includes toolroom, high speed, heavy duty, big bore, hollow spindle.

Acer Lathes

Acer’s Dynamic, E-lathe™, and Oil Country Series of engine lathes are of very stable construction and built to last.